Highlighting Colorado's Downhill Skateboarding scene.


Not in Boulder…

As part of the #altitudesicknesstour a couple weeks ago, a few Boulder locals went out west to skate a sweet road.  Here’s a photo I got of Aaron Hampshire skating with Scott Lembach and Max Wipperman.



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A bunch of Boulder and Colorado locals as well as some out of town homies (Justin Rolo, Garrett Creamer, Zak Maytum, Aaron Hampshire, and Nick D’bk, Kyle Wester, Scott Lembach, Max Wipperman, Max Dubler, Coop, and Jim Mfn Calahan) went on a sweet pass tour last weekend.   Stay tuned for some more media and photos and check out the #altitudesicknesstour hashtag on Instagram!

Photo of Rolo filming Scott, Max, Garrett, and Aaron:



Pics from the Meta Slide Jam

What started off as a bust at the local Boulder hill last weekend turned into a pretty rad day after it was relocated.   Here are some pics from the event:




IMG_9458 IMG_9363IMG_9424 IMG_9378 IMG_9336 IMG_9318 IMG_9312 IMG_9298 IMG_9300 IMG_9305 IMG_9306 IMG_9284 IMG_9251 IMG_9203 IMG_9184 IMG_9156 IMG_9156 IMG_9162 IMG_9164 IMG_9173 IMG_9176


Throwback Th..Sunday – Barrett Junction 2014

Check out this photo of some Boulder locals battling it out in the finals at the Barrett Junction race earlier this year in SoCal.



Aaron Hampshire and Travis Morris

Check out this pic of Aaron and Travis just wowing the ladies in the green Avalon on a local Boulder run the other day:


HR Annual Path Race



Well, not quite a Boulder event, but quite a few folks turned up for the annual Highlands Ranch Summer Path Race.  This one is always fun – narrow track, passing, crashing, cops, dirt riding….

The podiums were as follows:


1st – Raul Sanchez

2nd – Dre Nubine

3rd – Tanner Morelock


Old Geeeeezers:

1st – Mike Paproski

2nd – Don Cudney

3rd – Jay Vonesh



1st – Tanner Morelock

2nd – Rhys Hausmann

3rd – Kyle Connelly


See below for some of the better pics – more to come later.

IMG_8895 IMG_8905 IMG_8907 IMG_8918 IMG_8921 IMG_8938 IMG_8951 IMG_8969 IMG_9023 IMG_9024

Venom Raw Run: A-Swag

BSM Housemate Aaron Hampshire recently got picked up by Venom bushings. Check out his new video:

Ratchet Patrol Two

Meta team delivers.

Meta On Catalina

Garrett Creamer leading Aaron Hampshire and Tony Luchetta into a steep right after the Catalina Island Classic.